Many if not all of us has experienced to some extent a mind shift in the past 30 days. Life as we knew it has drastically changed. Some of us have or know someone whose been diagnosed with COVID, lost loved ones, been laid off, forced to adopt new working conditions, increased responsibility of being a full time teacher or chef, or have felt some sense of being overwhelmed. 


Most importantly our perspective or focus has changed. What was once important may now seem insignificant. When this first started out we kept thinking we can’t wait for things to get back to normal. However, our mindset has now shifted to actually embracing whatever our new normal will be. We believe this period has shed light on a lot of things that were broken in our world, and if we just went back to the way things were it’d be a great injustice. 


This virtual experience will hopefully be an outlet from the monotonous day to day quarantine, and allow us to release & refocus our goals for the remaining half of 2020. 


Here’s some of what you’ll get at Zero Cost:

  • Opportunity to Expand Your Network
  • Self Care in the Safety of Your Home
  • Live conversation with a business & life coach 
  • A live yoga & mediation session 
  • Expert advice on developing a healthy mindset & lifestyle 
  • Some dedicated time of journaling & reflection 
  • Unique Experience & Opportunity to see how others are navigating this new territory.  
  • An entry into a drawing to win something from our spring @glv_traveller Black Collection not yet released. 


Register Now as space is limited. 

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