Travel took on a different meaning for many of us this year. Being grounded due to a Global Pandemic meant getting creative with how we travel. Some still travelled by flight cautiously and safely; while others took to the road. 

Many of us travelled virtually and touched all corners of the globe. Zoom, Google-Meet, FaceTime, and Microsoft Teams became the new way of #catchingflights. The best part was no packing or unpacking required.

We hope you found the same joy in disconnecting from the noise and reconnecting with family, friends and colleagues that we did. This has been a challenging year that has impacted many of us mentally, physically, emotionally, and some financially. Our prayers are with all of those families who lost loved ones. 

From our family to yours we wish you a very happy holidays and a PROSPEROUS New Year! 

Journey Wisely,
Ty & Quincy Dawkins



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